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We are Full House Hobby, we started selling Playing Cards and poker chips over 7 years ago on Ebay. February of 2005 was the beginning of our journey, and in May we launched our website. As time went on we expanded and carried many more products and even opened our own shop. However the timing was not optimal and our shop was unable to make it. So we have come back to our core, the highest quality playing cards, poker chips, and supplies for your home games! We have continually maintained our contacts with our suppliers, direct from the manufacturer. Dal Negro in Treviso, Italy. Copag in Brazil, DaVinci also from Italy, and Gemaco from the U.S.A.

Ask around and few can say they have had such long relationships with these proud manufacturers. We have always dealt direct to bring you the lowest price, and genuine quality! You may see others with fancy designs, and loud claims, but they don't have the variety that we offer. We have the experience to bring you what you need!

When people ask "what is the big deal about plastic playing cards?", all I can say is; use them for a few months and tell me if Bicycle or Bee can hold up to the rigor and abuse that these cards can. Are they indestructible, no. But you can use them day in, and day out, and get years of use out of them. Spill something on them, rinse them off and dry them. I have seen dozens of games that would have been put on hold to find another deck of paper cards when someone knocked their beer or soda over. These cards are resistant to creasing, cracking, and tearing. If you play cards on a regular basis, these are totally worth the investment. I still remember opening up our first set of Copag's, wondering if the $15 plus shipping we spent was gonna be worthwhile. As soon as we started using them, I was sold.

Rob & Jerry